A Pretty Kitchen: Art, Cookware, Accessories

I’ve been daydreaming about a new kitchen (because there will probably be a new kitchen in my future!).   Since I spend so much time in the kitchen, I want it to be a space that I love.  Right now I am dreaming of a bright space, a lot of white with some yellow and turquoise.

These are few items on my Really, Really Want List: 

Pasta Ti Amo Giclee Print from Anek
This lovely piece of art is a nod to my pasta loving fiance, who is likely eating a bowl of noodles as I type this.  It will also make him smile when he sees that it ships from Croatia because he has a special place in his heart for that particular spot on the map.  As for me, I love the color and the design so much. I think this belongs in our kitchen!

Spring Floral Bowls from World Market
These earthenware bowls are so pretty!  I love the bright colors and I can imagine everyone smiling as they sit down to a granola breakfast with these on the table.  Yes, I do think pretty bowls can make food taste better.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven from Williams-Sonoma
I can’t really say I need this since I don’t have it and life seems to be marching on just fine.  Unofficially, however, I need this.  Seriously, I think I dream about owning some Le Creuset of my own at least once or twice a week and I always wake up smiling.  Every kitchen can use a really versatile, sturdy dutch oven like this.

Hand Printed Flour Sack Dish Towels from Kei & Molly 
I had the pleasure of meeting Kei & Molly at the Lavender Festival in Albuquerque last summer. Their hand printed textiles are gorgeous!  They could be framed as works of art, but they also hold up really well to kitchen use.  They are sure to brighten any kitchen.

What are your favorite colors in the kitchen?

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