Ten Ways to feel Awesome . . .

Because when you feel Awesome, you can be Awesome.

1.  Give something away.  A compliment, a card, a loaf of bread, a flower, an old jacket. 
2.  Open a window.  Listen, feel, and breathe whatever is on the other side.
3. Use Crayons. Use all the colors.  Write yourself a note.  Draw a picture.  Scribble.
4. Eat a piece of fruit. An apple a day – or a grape, or an orange, or a strawberry.
5. Take off your shoes.  Grass. Cotton. Wood. Tile. Sand. Wool.  Wiggle those toes.
6. Rip something up and throw it away.  A magazine, a letter, a bill, a newspaper. 
7. Buy a new toothbrush.  Pick the most expensive one.  Pick your favorite color. 

8. Say No to something. “Are you okay?”  “Can you work tomorrow?”  “Will you make dinner?”
9. Jump. Up and down, around the room, as high as you can. 
10. Smile. Do whatever it takes, just make it happen.
I don’t know why these things work, but they do – I promise.  Try them.  Pick the one that sounds the most ridiculous to you.  Do it anyway. Do it with purpose.  You will feel better – and that’s awesome!
What else would you add to this list?  


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