Summer Vegetable Chicken Pot Pies

Summer Vegetable Chicken Pot Pies

Warning, a little garden rant is about to happen here.

People that garden often forget to mention that it is the most soul sucking of endeavors. No, really. I have already sunk so much money, time, and work into my little backyard plot that failure and its consequences loom large. So, things like squash bugs and weeds and the cucumber plants that the birds keep attacking are quite literally keeping me up at night.

I still believe, or want to believe, that gardening will eventually be a more fulfilling, or at least more enjoyable, endeavor. But right now, it’s mostly stressing me out. The silvery pattern on two squash plants’ leaves – internet says it could be no big deal, or it could be powdery mildew which will kill them all. Some of the bean plants are lush and green, but not producing beans, while some look more yellowed and sickly but are producing beans. What the!? Garden books say it could be a problem of too much nitrogen, but they don’t say how to fix it. The grapes are iffy right now. I accidentally killed three of my four mint plants.

As if I don’t have enough with four kids to worry about, I’m intentionally torturing myself with a backyard of living things always threatening to die. I am weeding every single day. I am checking every leaf of every squash plant every single day. I am actually saying daily prayers on behalf of my garden. It’s getting ridiculous here.

At this point, I’m wondering why people do this. I’m also wondering why it seems easier for everyone else. Internet folks, I see your baskets of greens and beans and tomatoes . . . how, for heaven’s sake, are you pulling it off?   [Read More...]

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