Slow Cooker Butternut Bacon Cheese Dip

Slow Cooker Butternut Bacon Cheese Dip | Some the WiserThis Slow Cooker Butternut Bacon Cheese Dip recipe is for all of my fellow slackers out there. Christmas is just days away and we still haven’t even put up our Christmas tree yet! Things got crazy around here last week and I’m still scrambling to get caught up now.

At this point, with only two days left until go time, I am realizing that I need to pare down the to-do list to the essentials. Some things are just not going to get done and as hard as it is for this single mother to admit that she cannot in fact do everything all by herself, that’s just the way it has to be this year. I’m trying to let myself off the hook gently, without all of that inner criticism that keeps scolding in the back of my mind, a better mother would have gotten more done. I love this time of year, but man, the pressure is really on.

But with busy schedules and long to do lists, I’ve got a healthy-ish recipe that you can throw in the slow cooker. It’s perfect for holiday gatherings or just the general munchiness that happens over the holiday break. It’s got cheese, so it is a cheese dip, but it’s also got butternut squash so it’s a healthy cheese dip too. Best of all, it mostly just tastes delicious, which is my favorite kind of dip! [Read More...]

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