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Homemade Gift Ideas


We did a bit of family crafting last month and we’ve got a few Homemade Gift Ideas for you! 

Last month was a flurry of holiday activities and gift making. But it was such a fun flurry! At 6, 8, and 10, my girls are finally old enough to really get involved with the gift making and giving. Tog

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Happy Holidays + The Outtakes


May Your Days Be Merry and Bright! 

I love the tradition of taking a family picture and sending out holiday cards. I look forward to it as much as all of the good Christmas food and music.
I was running behind this year though and so holiday cards almost didn’t happen. But the kids were home

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Picture Book Gift Ideas


We’ve been reading a lot of Picture Books and gifting a lot too! We’ve round up some of our favorite Picture Books and there are Picture Book Gift Ideas for all the book lovers on your gift list here. 

As a serious book lover, my favorite thing to give as gifts are books. Picture books make es

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Good Books for a Two Year Old


I have a house full of little readers! With my littlest one weighing in, we’ve got a great list of Good Books for a Two Year Old. Happy Reading! 

Two is such a fun age for little readers. We are finally graduating from the baby board books where we only point to the picture on the page and repea

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A Girl and Her Dress


My Adelaide is six years old. This is my third time around with a six year old and I’m thoroughly convinced now that six might be one of the best ages of all. Six is just so much fun!

Each time one of my girls turns six, I turn back to the A.A. Milne poem, “Now We Are Six.” Yes, now that she’

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Quick Chicken Chili


This Quick Chicken Chili is an easy weeknight meal. It’s quick to make last minute, but it gets bonus points for being easy to make ahead and easy to freeze too! 
We survived the first week back to school! All of my girls are attending a new school this year, so we had some anxiety about the schoo

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Back to School Writing Prompts


It’s that time of year again! School is just around the corner and we’re getting ready with some fun Back to School Writing Prompts. 

This post is sponsored by BIC and The Motherhood. I received BIC products for review purposes. All opinions and experiences are entirely my own and we are pretty

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Summer Vegetable Pasta


I love August and all it’s fresh vegetables. Put the summer harvest to good use in this easy, delicious Summer Vegetable Pasta. 

I think (fingers crossed) that our summer heat wave may be breaking this week. We’ve had the first thunder and rain storms, with more in the forecast over the next w

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