Strawberry Crumble Bars

I’m not sure why I made these Strawberry Crumble Bars. Maybe because the Whole30 makes me feel unnaturally attracted to all things sweet precisely because I can’t eat them. Maybe because school is ending for my kids this week and I am oozing pride and sappy sentimentality (preschool graduation this week! happy dance + sad dance in equal parts) and I want to greet my little ones with sweet treats and see them grin. And largely just because. Because there were juicy, sweet, ripe strawberries and then the Strawberry Crumble Bars just happened.

I’ve been talking my kids into eating Salad Pizza with me. Last night I made a healthy round of sweet potato nachos for dinner and no one complained. They have been eating all of the sugar snap peas I put in their lunch boxes. So, Strawberry Crumble Bars. It makes sense, right? [Read More...]

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