Spiced Pear and Ginger Rice Pudding

Sauteed Pear and Ginger Rice PuddingWhat do you do after picking boxes and boxes of pears? Make Spiced Pear and Ginger Rice Pudding of course! If I was ever sorry summer was ending, I’m over it now. Autumn, with your pears and spices and warm fruity desserts, you are welcome at my house. Even my summer loving kids had such a fun time picking pears one evening last week and are ready to fully embrace the new season.

Picking pears with my kids was a revelation. The commonly cited parenting maxim says that the days are long, but the years are short. This often serves as a reminder to parents that these days, perhaps frustrating and long and exhausting days, with young children will pass all too quickly. The years are short, it’s true. Sometimes, however, the long days are the best part.

sauteed pear and ginger rice pudding-4sauteed pear and ginger rice pudding-5Sometimes it’s not a long day of mediating sibling squabbles, finding mismatched socks, and cajoling kids into eating one more bite pretty please. Every now and then, the hours stretch into a day of sunshine, and laughter, and tree swings. And you still fall into bed at night exhausted, but as your head hits the pillow, your first prayer is of thanks.

Yes the years are short, so very short. But thank goodness for all the long days. [Read More...]

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