Cupcake Wars For Kids

Cupcake Wars for KidsI recently helped Emma, an eleven-year old friend of mine, co-host a Cupcake Wars for Kids. We had so much fun!

I carpool with this adorable, creative eleven year old girl and since we have a longer than average drive across town to school every day, we have plenty of time for discussing books (she’s reading Fablehaven at my suggestion right now and loving it), music (she really enjoyed Katy Perry’s superbowl halftime show), and lately, The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. My girls discovered it on Netflix about the same time Emma did and it has been a hot topic during the morning carpool.

A few weeks ago, after yet another discussion about the creative merits of contestants on the show, an idea began to form. What if we hosted our own Cupcake Wars? Count me in!

Emma, with all of the energy of an excited eleven year old, was the brain child behind the entire project. She carried a notebook around for over a week, planning and thinking about every detail. I helped her scale it back to a more realistic level for a bunch of kids, and then she made invitations and we made it all happen. Take a look!

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