Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Tacos

Slow Cooker Thai Chicken TacosThere is a line from an episode of Friends that has stuck with me for years. Someone was asking Phoebe to do something, and though that is as specific as I can get with this memory of mine, the part that stuck was her response. She said, “Oh I wish I could. But, I don’t want to.” It’s a line that, as you can probably see, could come in handy.

I think of that line sometimes as an introvert because I wish I could attend your very cool party, but, I don’t want to. I think of that line sometimes as an obliger because I often feel compelled to say yes when people are asking me to do, well, just about anything to help them out and I imagine, especially when I already feel overwhelmed with my responsibilities, how incredibly freeing it would be to unleash my inner Phoebe and say without a hint of guile, Oh I wish I could. But, I don’t want to.

Sometimes I even like to use Phoebe’s line on my self. Like when I know I should exercise and some better version of myself is really talking up a jog or a power hour of yoga. And I think about it, I really do. But, it turns out that as much as I wish I could . . . I don’t want to.

At least that is normally how a let’s exercise talk with myself goes. I recently had a bit of a breakthrough and I’ve put my Phoebe line on hold.  [Read More...]

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