Indian Butter Shrimp

Indian Butter Shrimp | Some the WiserI’m experiencing a bit of writer’s block. I have a folder full of recipes and photos to share . . . but I can’t think of anything to say other than: delicious. And of course they are delicious or I wouldn’t share them here. The problem is that the more recipes and photos I pile up here and the more I tell myself I need to get writing, the harder it seems to get down to it. Surely there is an end in sight though, right? The past week of writer’s block will surely translate to a very prolific week of words now, right?

While I’m waiting for that flow though, I can’t deprive you of this Indian Butter Shrimp recipe. It is probably the most delicious thing I have eaten recently.

If you’re thinking Indian Butter Chicken, well yes but no. It’s similar but really I think it’s a recipe that stands entirely on its own. That is to say, while you are eating a scrumptious bite of rich, creamy Indian Butter Shrimp, you aren’t thinking “gee, this tastes like chicken.” Know what I mean?

Indian Butter Shrimp | Some the WiserThis Indian Butter Shrimp recipe is simple, even weeknight simple, but it’s so rich and so delicious that  it works as a weekend indulgence, a special guests for dinner dish, a date night in, or in my case a make the kids really happy on a Thursday night dinner because it’s even better than our favorite Indian Restaurant.

Word to the wise, you will want to serve this with something light and green, I’m going to recommend spinach or steamed broccoli or the likes, because after you find yourself slurping up the buttery sauce by the spoonful, you’re going to want a bite of something green to make amends. It’s worth it though, so very worth it.  [Read More...]

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