One Pot Zucchini Rice Burrito Bowls

My garden is making me crazy. On the up side, I do have the garden and my two lovely zucchini plants to thank for this super easy, super yummy One Pot Zucchini Rice Burrito Bowl. So, there’s that. But really, gardening is hard and if it weren’t for the squash I’d be throwing my towel in at this point.

The zucchini is perfect. The Kabocha Squash plant is doing well and has some cute little kabochas growing. The Butternut Squash plant is huge and green and has lot’s and lot’s of blossoms, but no squash. It’s a mystery.

The green beans are stressing me out. The plants are green and big and produce only a few green beans. I don’t get it. I thought I’d have loads of green beans to can and freeze and eat, but really we’re just eating a handful of beans every couple of days.

The tomatoes look great, but no tomatoes. All the herbs are fine, thank goodness. The cucumber plants kept disappearing (maybe a bird?) and I had to replant them so many times that at this point they are small and I don’t know if we’ll actually get any cucumbers or not before the season is over.

People, I just want to be like Soulemama and Aimee. It’s so hard.

One Pot Zucchini Rice Burrito Bowls Perhaps I just need to stick with what’s working for now. Spinach, Lettuce, and Zucchini.

But here’s the thing: I planted zucchini plants because I knew they would grow easily and make me feel good about my gardening self, but I don’t really love zucchini. I know, I know. And now I have an abundance of this vegetable that is kind of meh to me. However, since zucchini is what is working for me right now, I won’t complain and I’m just looking for ways to use it and eat it and try to love it.

This One Pot Zucchini Rice Burrito Bowl is a success on all three counts.  [Read More...]

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